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Données personnelles II

Ariel Parker

Born: Hyde Park Corner, London, on 8 February 1950. At 9.30 am (so I'm told)

Educated: Somerville College, Oxford, Polytechnic of Central London and Inns of Court Law School

Profession: principal administrator, staff division, Court of Justice of the European Communities, until to 01.01.06, when I have taken early retirement.

Hobbies: reading, writing, doing the odd translation and looking after an extended family of stray cats.
Oh and exorting any gods that might exist to make it rain on my rhododendrons (16 July 2003) ... This has happened and the rhododendrons look fine.

1 sister, Diana (*22.08.1940) - She has four daughters: Charlotte, Susanna, Leonie and Antonia

1 brother, John (*04.12.1942) - He has three daughters: Rebecca, Merrilees and Hannah

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Ariel by Guy
"Femme libre, toujours tu chériras la mer"
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